The pool is almost ready!

Well everyone, it’s almost time for the big opening. The pool will be opening soon (Memorial Day weekend), but first it must be cleaned. It has been drained, and pressure washed. The next step is a deeper cleaning and a few coats of paint!

I know you may have a few questions about the pool and hopefully we can answer them all for you.

As of 4/14/2011 the pool is drained and ready for its final cleaning before paint. The maintenance staff has a short window of time to get this done and have the pool filled. We have an awesome staff that can handle the challenge!

Everyone entering the pool area MUST have pool bands ON. The fees for the park are $2 per person. If you plan on entering the gate to sit at the tables while your loved ones swim, it will still be $2(swimming or not).

First coat of paint. Everyone pitched in to help! Thanks to all who stopped by!!!

If you are camping with us, your pool fees are covered(for up to 6 people registered on your site) but you need to come up to the entrance station and request your pool bands.

No glass or alcohol allowed in the pool area.

You are welcome to bring your food and snacks but they must be kept by the picnic tables and umbrellas.

Water guns, footballs, floaties, and any toys similarto them are not allowed in the pool area. This is strictly enforced to avoid accidents with other guests in the pool.

The final coat. Almost done! When it dries and cures, it will be filled.

If there are anymore questions, feel free to call us at 1-(504)-682-2101, or email us at the link on the rigt hand side of the page!

Pictures of the pools progress will posted very soon!

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Looking for wildlife? Well we have it!

One of the most popular questions we get is, “What types of animals do you have in the park?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

Animals spotted in our park:

Feral pig – (wild hog, wild pigs, wild boars, European wild boars, Russian wild boars, or razorbacks) There hasn’t been any recent evidence of these animals in the park. But these elusive animals have been here and were spotted by Park Rangers along a back trail.

Deer – We are currently trying to attract more in this area so that visitors can enjoy viewing them. they are VERY elusive as well. Normally we see doe and fawn, but we are sure there has to be an awesome buck somewhere around here!

Armadillo – Very common! These interesting animals can be found everywhere in the park. Because of their poor eyesight, if you are quiet enough you may be able to get a close picture of them. If you see small holes in the ground throughout the park, don’t fret, it was probably done by one of these little guys!

Rabbit – This animal is even more common than the armadillo. They are all over the park and can be spotted everywhere. So if you startled one when attempting to take a quick picture, you will see at least 2 more within 5 minutes.

Alligator – Yes everyone, we have alligators here. They rarely come out. When it is hot, you may spot the peeking from the lagoon. Not to worry though, there haven’t been any reports of gators invading campsites. Most of our gators have been born in the park and have reached the length of approximately 5-6ft. long before leaving to find a new home. We  do have one gator that visits regularly that is at least 10ft long! He hides from everyone. You will have to look hard for these animals because they normally hide from us!

Daddy Gator ruling the pond!

Butterfly: These are spotted often. Be sure to walk and drive slowly so you can see these guys glide past your windshield!

Snakes: We do have a few different snakes found in the park. Be careful when coming across these guys! Some are venomous and some aren’t.

Raccoons: These guys will run around when the sun sets. We ask that you put ALL of your trash in the cans with the heavy wooden boards on top of them. When trash is found around the park, we know it’s from these guys!

Opossum: They are just like the Raccoons. They will come out at sunset!

Birds: We have many different species of birds here. Bird watchers come often and help update our birding list. Some of the birds that have been spotted in the area were robins, cranes, hawks, ravens, etc. A bald eagle has also been spotted by staff. A visitor that works behind the park on the levee showed us a picture of what seems to be an eagles nest which isn’t far from the park! As we get pictures of the birds they will be uploaded.

Enjoying food from the feeder

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Park Information

St. Bernard State Park

Hours: Daily- 7:00am – 9:00pm Sunday -Thursday

7:00am – 10:00pm Friday-Saturday

501 St. Bernard Parkway

Braithwaite, La 70040St. Bernard State Park

The park will remain open until the times listed, but the Registration Office will close at 7:00pm Sunday-Thursday and remain open until 10:00pm on Friday and Saturday. Visitors wishing to camp, must register before the office closes.

If you make it to the park after office hours, you may stop by the registration window and pick from the available remaining sites ONLY. A few sites are currently without electricity, therefore we ask that you read the availability listing. All guests that plan to stay overnight must register the next morning when the office opens at 7:00am.

Park Gates: are here for the visitors’ safety and park security. Overnight guests are required to lock the gate upon leaving and entering the park after hours.

Speed Limit: is 15mph throughout the park and is STRICTLY enforced.

Trash: All trash must be taken to the trash containers throughout the campgrounds.

Littering: will not be tolerated

Fires: Campfires are permitted at each campsite.

Firewood Collection: is limited to fallen, dead timber.

Pets: must be kept on a leash no longer than 5ft. or crated and may not be left unattended in the park. Pats are not allowed in any of the park buildings.

Quiet Hours: 10:00pm – 6:00am

Campers under 18yrs: MUST be accompanied by an adult

Length of Stay: is limited to 14 nights/15 days.

Check out time: is 1:00pm for campsites.

Gray Water: Allowing refuse waste (gray water) to run onto the ground will NOT be tolerated. Failure to comply with Title 25:310-B can and will result in a citation and eviction from park without refund.  

Email address:

Phone: 1-(504)-682-2101 or 1-(888)-677-7823

Fax: 1-(504)-682-9960

To make a reservation: call the toll free reservation line at 1-877-226-7652

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Ready to Swim?

The pool will be ready soon, and are anticipating your arrival!

Our pool depth spans from 4ft-13ft deep. Lifguards will be on duty at all times. They are in place to make sure you and every other swimmer is safe, and that all rules are followed.

Pool Hours are as follows:

10:00am – 6:00pm Tues.-Sun.

Closed Monday for maintenance.


St. Bernard State Park Swimming Pool Rules:

1- No admittance without paying for wristbands. It does not matter if you are swimming or not.

2- When we have sold enough bands to reach capacity, no more bands will be sold (The maximum capacity is 100 swimmers, but if we have less than 4 lifguards on duty, capacity is 25 swimmers per lifguard on duty at the pool)

3- You must have a proper swimsuit. Trunks must be tied up around wait with no underwear showing.

4- Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

5- No flotation devices  except for U.S. coast Guard approved vests.

6- No alcoholic beverages in pool area including the parking lot. No swimming if you have comsumed any alcoholic beverages.

7- No diving

8- No running

9- No horseplpay (no sitting on shoulders, no dunking under water, any roughplay, etc.)

10- Absolutely no cursing or obscene language

11- No food or drinks in the pool area, it must be kept in table area. No glass bottles allowed in table area.

12- You must obey lifeguards at all times

Not following the rules can and will cause you to be evicted from the pool.


**************NO REFUNDS FOR WEATHER**************

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New Playground

After Hurricane Katrina, St. Bernard State Park suffered damage to the day use playground. Our playground services many families throughout the week and especially on the weekends. We were able to replace the playground area, and it accommodates more kids and families in the same area. Here are a few images

2 areas for different age groups

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Hello world!

Welcome to the blog of St. Bernard State Park Located in Braithwaite, Louisiana. Here you will find all of the information you will need to have a great time and enjoy everything our park and surrounding areas have to offer.

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